Biography of Monique Lisbon

Monique Lisbon is a singer/songwriter, pianist, author and public speaker, with a special focus on finding hope in the ‘mess’ of life and faith.

A survivor of child abuse, Monique has expressed much of her pain and the journey towards hope in her music.

Her first book, Fragments of Home: Piecing Life Together after Childhood Sexual Abuse was published by Acorn Press in 2010.

Fragments of Home then formed the basis of a multi-DVD resource set designed for facilitated recovery groups of adult survivors of childhood abuse, released in 2012.

The sequel to Fragments of Home, entitled Keeping Mum: The Silent Cost of Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse was released in 2017.

Monique has written songs which grapple with the existence of a good God in the midst of the suffering of the world around her and in her own life. Inspired by the life and writings of German theologian and martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, she has come to believe that in the face of a suffering world, ‘only the suffering God can help.’

Monique has been writing music for over thirty years and has produced many collections of songs in written and recorded form. Her church congregational music is used in Australia and internationally in churches, tertiary Christian organisations and para-church groups.

She has also spoken widely in many contexts, including on national radio and television, at public forums, in churches, and at theological colleges and schools. Monique has led training days and workshops around Australia for leaders across various Christian denominations, as well as in several secular organisations.