An Evolving Story (hardback compendium)

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(Book will be available in late june 2024)

About HOPE

This 634-page hardback book contains four of Monique’s previous titles and four full album downloads of original songs, along with a new Introduction by Monique, and Foreword by Rev. Andrew Woff.

Compendium contains:

From the Foreword by Rev. Andrew Woff

“The compendium before you is simply remarkable. It relates a story so deep, so courageous, so transforming that I don’t think I have anywhere encountered its equal. It is an insightful and articulate documenting of the painful, undulating and winding journey from breakdown and devastation toward a life lived with hope. It is inspirational!”

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From the Imtroduction by Monique Lisbon

Hope is not a way out – it is a way through.’

As I think back over the bulk of my life, it occurs to me that much of the time I was not holding onto hope. I certainly didn’t believe the pain I was experiencing would ever pass. I cannot claim credit for much intentional focus on a bigger picture through many of those years.

In some largely mysterious way, I feel now that hope held onto me – often in spite of and at odds with my intentions.

At the end of the day, the hope that has held onto and changed me as I have walked through excruciatingly painful places, is not easily graspable or definable. Nor is it complete.

Though the four books in this compendium explore common issues – healing from childhood trauma and abuse; making meaning of chaos; forging a different way of living – the ways in which these themes manifest in my life are still evolving.

At the end of life for every single human, the final task is to let go. I am grateful that the testimony of my life is that when I come to face that final challenge, even if I go kicking and screaming, I will be surrendering into hands of hope and love.

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