The key to a successful romantic relationship is not finding someone with ‘no emotional baggage’… it’s finding someone with ‘MATCHING BAGGAGE’!

Matching Baggage is a new duets album by Monique Lisbon and Judd Field (of Melbourne Gospel Choir/Carols by Candlelight fame).

Monique writes:

The title track, Matching Baggage is actually the first country track I’ve ever been involved in writing and recording. The genres of the other 10 tracks vary – from pop to rock to ballads to grunge…

All the songs tell different sides of a familiar story – the struggle to find true love. There’s:

    • humour and heartbreak
    • angst and anger
    • inspiration and intrigue
    • longing and love…

and finally… there’s:

    • matching baggage!”

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More information can be found on the Matching Baggage website.


Watch the Song Lyric Video