Inch by Inch: Finding a Home within My Skin (Book/CD)

This book is not intended to be a “rags to riches” or “failure to success” story. Rather, it is a chronicle of a painful and agonisingly slow journey …

Inch by Inch tells the story of one woman’s 50-year struggle to feel at home within her body.

Tipping the scales at 200kg, she was fast grinding to a halt, immobilised by the labour of living.

From a very early age, Monique Lisbon learned the feeling of being trapped in a hostile, unsafe and powerless body. She was taught through childhood sexual abuse that her body did not belong to her, and could not be trusted.

What followed were many years of attempting to flee from her body through self-denial, dissociation, fads, and intensive and unsustainable changes in lifestyle …

But she could never truly escape herself – and it was counter-productive to try.

Losing two-thirds of her body – inch by inch – was an onerous, but increasingly energising, process. Gaining freedom, self-respect, mobility, health, a lightness of being – even joy – took even more commitment.

This book tells the story of that courageous journey.

Inch by Inch is the third title in Monique Lisbon’s story of healing, and follows on from her previous two books/CDs:

Includes full-length CD of songs by Monique Lisbon.


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