Matching Baggage (CD – with Judd Field)

Monique writes:

“I’m excited to be working on a new duets album with the unbelievably talented Judd Field (of Melbourne Gospel Choir/Carols by Candlelight fame).

Once again (as with many of my previous albums), the CD is being produced by internationally-renowned producer Adrian Hannan of The SongStore.

The core idea of the album is this:

The key to a successful romantic relationship is not finding someone with ‘no emotional baggage’… it’s finding someone with ‘MATCHING BAGGAGE’!

The title track, Matching Baggage is actually the first country track I’ve ever been involved in writing and recording. The genres of the other 9 or 10 tracks vary – from pop to rock to ballads to grunge…

All the songs tell different sides of a familiar story – the struggle to find true love. There’s:

  • humour and heartbreak
  • angst and anger
  • inspiration and intrigue
  • longing and love…

and finally… there’s:

  • matching baggage!”


Watch the Song Lyric Video


When will the whole album be released?

That partly depends on you!

About 60% of the work on the album has already been funded and completed.

We have just launched a Crowdfunding campaign through MyCause to fund the remaining 40% of the project, including the production of 500 CDs.

All donors to the project will receive a copy of the final CD, Matching Baggage. All donations (however big or small) are gratefully received – and you’re very welcome to request copies of any particular previous Living Hope Resources CDs, DVDs and/or books which we’ll happily also give you in appreciation of your support.

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