Anyone with an iTunes account can download MP3s from Living Hope Resources / MonoMusic, from the iTunes store. It’s easy!

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Although the Rain Falls
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Unanswered Questions
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If you’re not sure how to use iTunes, simply follow these three simple steps:

Step One:
Download iTunes from the Apple website (free for Mac and PC). Note that this is a large download, so a broadband connection is recommended. This step needs to be done once only.


Download iTunes

Step Two:
Create an iTunes account and add credit using a credit card or iTunes gift voucher.

Step Three:
Enter Monique Lisbon in the search field in the top right hand corner, browse and listen to MP3 samples and click to purchase a track or album.

iTunes store

More information about iTunes and the iTunes store can be found on the Apple website.

NB: Not all Living Hope Resources / MonoMusic albums are available through the iTunes stores. If you wish to order other CDs for free, click here.