Monique is experienced at speaking publicly in a variety of contexts, including:

  • lecturing in Pastoral Care at theological colleges
  • community forums
  • high school assemblies
  • inspirational talks, e.g. at public rallies
  • sermons in Christian church services

The main foci of Monique’s public talks are:

  • Dynamics and challenges in healing, for adult survivors of childhood abuse
  • Finding hope amidst suffering and abuse

Monique’s talks are engaging, informative, moving and inspirational, and her words are appropriate for each individual context. She focusses on general themes rather than discussing graphic or explicit detail of abuse.

A unique element to Monique’s talks is the inclusion of her own music which highlights the themes being discussed, and helps prevent presentations from feeling ‘dry’ or merely ‘theoretical’.

If you are interested in Monique speaking within your context, she can either suggest a relevant topic, or tailor an individual address to the theme you specify.